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Reveal Hands

Every poker player has called at some point, even when they knew they were behind, only to find out what their opponent had. In live cash games, you might hear the phrase, "I know I'm losing, but I'm betting." Whether it's because players want to learn more about their opponent's cards and playing style, or because they're paying to be curious, it can be an expensive way to play.

Our hand recognition feature significantly reduces these costs by allowing you to pay a fraction of the cost of card viewing and providing you with additional information. You can pay to see all your opponents' cards when any hand is completed - whether it ends preflop, on the flop, turn or river - and whether you're still in the hand. You don't have to worry about missing a hand, you can go to the re-shuffle tool and use the 'View hands' feature to see everything you've missed.

How to use Reveal Hands:

The Reveal Hands button is available when each hand ends.


Click the Reveal Hands button and the cards for everyone in the hand are ready to be shown.


Now take a look at what everyone has had and see how much information you can get for a very low price.


Want to know which hands your opponent is betting three or four on? Want to know how much he raised under the gun or how much he raised on the button? Do you want to know if he's already won a suit when the turn comes, or if he's taking the opportunity to use a good bluffing card?

Now, for a small fee, you can find out!