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Time Extension

One of the biggest advantages of online poker is the speed of the game. Live games may seem slow, but online the action is fast and furious.

However, from time to time it is necessary to think things through. Sometimes an opponent makes a remark that seems nonsensical, and you have to take time to think it over.

The time bank is automatically included in the WPT Global service. Some players sometimes want to have more time to think before hitting the Call or Fold (or even Raise) buttons. In these cases, we offer an additional time extension;

How to use Time Extension:

Need more time to make important decisions? The "Extend Time" button appears when the clock is about to run out.


Click the Time Extension, and for a small price you have more time to determine your next decision.


Poker players don't want to sit around waiting for slow players to slow down, but they also don't want to rush when the stakes are high or the hands don't add up. Buying extra time will ensure that things only slow down when absolutely necessary and continue the rest of the time.