As a licensed operator that complies with applicable laws and regulations, we are obliged to verify the identity of our players and prevent problems and fraud. This requires all players to produce certain documents upon request.

When is KYC required?

  • On deposit, this may be requested using a risk-based approach.
  • On withdrawal, full KYC (customer due diligence) will almost always be required.

What documents are needed to successfully verify a player?

Three types of documents can be requested: proof of identity (POI), proof of address (POD) and proof of deposit (POD).

  1. For proof of identity, we require one of the following (government-issued):
    • ID Card
    • Passport
    • Driver’s licence
    • Further requirements:
      • Clear, color picture with all four corners visible
      • Visible expiry date (with the document’s expiry date at least 3 months in the future)
      • Visible date of issue, signature, full name, and date of birth (player must be 18 years of age or above)
  2. For proof of address, we require:
    • Utility bill
    • Bank statement
    • Further requirements:
      • Clear, color picture with all four corners visible
      • Visible date of issue (the document must not be more than three months old)
      • Visible address
  3. For proof of deposit:
    • If using a credit card, we require a clear, color picture of the front and back of the card
      • The first 6 digits and the last 4 digits must be visible (remember to hide the middle digits on the front and the CVV number on the back of the card).
      • The card must be signed
      • The account name must be visible
      • For embossed cards, only the first 6 digits and last 4 digits must be visible on the back
    • If using a wallet, we require a screenshot proving wallet ownership
      • The website URL must be visible
      • The account name must be visible
      • The player’s email or name must be visible
      • The deposit transaction must be visible

Further Information

WPT Global takes a risk-based approach and can carry out early stage checks if necessary.

All documentation is stored electronically and is confidential with respect to customer account information. Our Fraud, Risk and Poker Security departments have access to various databases and reports that are used for player screening.

All employees who perform client-related functions are familiar with the above policies and procedures, communicate all relevant information and direct questions to the MLRO.