Rewarding Integrity in Poker (RIP)

Say RIP to Cheaters!

WPT Global has been committed to the highest standards of fair play since day one. We have invested heavily in AI research, game theory and machine learning detection to stay ahead of the game. We are proud of our  highlight our ‘RIP’ program, an essential component in our comprehensive strategy against unfair play.

We recognise the important role of the community in helping us to detect unfair practices. Your reports are an important complement to our technology efforts and play an important role in our overall anti-fraud strategy.

WPT Global's unique initiative – the Rewarding Integrity in Poker (RIP) program. This is a testament to our unwavering dedication to game integrity.
Rewarding Your Vigilance

If you have information about collusion or integrity violations in connection with WPT Global and can provide clear and specific evidence that our team can verify and take action, you may be eligible for a financial reward.

If the information you provide leads to the discovery and correction of unfair practices, and once the affected players have been fully compensated, a portion of the remaining forfeited funds (and possibly more, at our discretion) will be retained as a reward for your efforts.

Historically, our network has distributed multiple rewards in upwards of 6-figures (USD) Selected and extremely valuable reports played a vital role in improving our team's network security.

How To Report Unfair Practices Anonymously

To report a game integrity issue, email us at [email protected]

Your report should contain as much detail as possible so that we can accurately investigate your claim. The likelihood of receiving compensation increases with the strength of the evidence you can verify. We encourage you to include additional evidence as appendices if you feel it will strengthen your report;In the event that our team successfully resolves the caseYou will be entitled to a reward. The amount and terms of the reward are determined at our discretion.
Please be assured that we treat every notification with the utmost confidentiality and seriousness. We welcome anonymous notifications if you wish them to remain confidential. Please note, however, that if your notification is deemed eligible for compensation, you will need to provide us with contact information in order to receive compensation.

In addition, please note that we hold ourselves to the highest level of accountability in fulfilling our fair play obligations and therefore reports that are deemed malicious or misleading will not be considered.

Reach out to [email protected] with any questions or reports.

Say “RIP” to Cheaters - Support Integrity at WPT Global and Get Rewarded!